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Blitz Inc Reviews Charity Work

Posted by Blitz Inc on January 5, 2013 at 1:05 AM Comments comments (0)

In this post, Blitz Inc reviews the company's views on charity work and its' relationship with Operation Smile. Blitz Inc reviews many different opportunities for employee involvement in various charities and notable causes and has committed to helping the worldwide organization Operation Smile its on-going effort in 2013.

Blitz Inc Reviews the Positive Effects of Charity Work

As employees of a company tend to get wrapped up in the day-to-day deadlines, tasks, and goals, its important to realize that everyone is part of something bigger. Its great to see employees rally around an idea or task bigger than themselves and gain a deeper understanding of others' needs and wants. Many times, participating in charity work - both in business and personally - inspire people to either get more heavily involved in a certain charity, get involved in additional charities, or to simply create their own.

CEO, Tom Peck of Blitz Inc reviews his participation in charity work, "I've worked with a few different charities in the past, all of which were for great causes, but with Operation Smile - I'm truly dedicated to raise at least $5,000.00 in the next few months....and that's just to start off the year. With the leadership team we have here at Blitz Inc, maybe we'll be able to raise $10,000...$15,000...who knows? The sky is the limit when you have a team like ours here at Blitz."

Blitz Inc Reviews the Function of Operation Smile

blitz inc reviews operation smileAt Operation Smile, teams of medical volunteers execute safe, effective surgery for children born with cleft lip and cleft palate in over 60 countries. The organization is an international medical humanitarian mission committed to providing long-lasting solutions to these life-threatening issues while also providing long-term care through training of local medial teams in other countries.

More information on Operation Smile can be found here.

Blitz Inc Reviews Upcoming 2013 Efforts for Operation Smile

Over the holiday break of 2012, employees at Blitz Inc reviewed several different ideas after a brainstorming session where all ideas were welcome and not dismissed. The management team at Blitz Inc guided this discussion through the planning phase and the team came up with several great ideas to raise funds.

Blitz Inc reviews the JANUARY PLAN: Blitz Inc will attend every home game of Bellevue College basketball throughout the month to accept free-will donations, sell Operation Smile bracelets, have raffles, hold bake sales, and sell t-shirts. According to the management staff at Blitz, this should easily raise the first half of the company's goal of $5,000.00. For game attendees not wishing to purchase any Operation Smile branded items, take-home fliers will be available as to allow for online donations. The employees of Blitz Inc opinions revolve around the idea that if people are given multiple options to donate, this will alleviate a lot of hesitation and encourage people to really think about the cause at hand.

For more information on Blitz Inc and the company's philanthropic efforts with Operation Smile, please visit the Blitz Inc Reviews post on tumblr regarding Operation Smile.

Blitz Inc Reviews Charity Work: Good For Business