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Tom Peck: Blitz Leadership

Posted by Blitz Inc on March 12, 2013 at 6:20 PM Comments comments (2)

According to Tom Peck, Blitz Inc CEO, the responsibility of an organization's success ultimately falls on the leader's shoulders. Tom Peck (Blitz, Inc) states that having a great attitude and keeping things moving are the cornerstones of his company's success so far. This Blitz Inc review will focus on those the make or break attitude of the leader. This leadership style is know among employees as 'Blitz Leadership.'

Tom Peck: Blitz Leadership

Just as the name suggests, Blitz Leadership can be defined as an all out effort to attack a single goal, thereby creating a team win. Only by coordinating efforts towards this one goal (in football, this is usually referring to tackling the quarterback), can a team hope to get a turnover and get things going in their direction. "If one person on a football team is attempting to blitz the quarterback and the rest of the defense is hanging back or just keeping their ground, success is limited. By everyone attacking a single goal together, the team has a lot higher chances of success," says Tom Peck Blitz Inc CEO. To get everyone going in the right direction, our attitudes towards obstacles have to be unwaivering and determined, but it all starts with leadership.

For more information on Blitz Inc, please check out To look at a comprehensive view of Tom's work experience as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and coach, please visit the page: Tom Peck Blitz Inc. On that page, you will see Tom Peck's history before his current venture, Blitz Inc.

Tom Peck (Blitz, Inc) on Controlling Your Thoughts to Achieve Success

How a person thinks will ultimately control their destiny. Ghandi said it best in the following quote, “Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behavior. Keep your behavior positive because your behavior becomes your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny.” Controlling your thoughts will ultimately control your emotions. Controlling your emotions will ultimately lead to making wiser decisions. Wiser decisions will ultimately lead to greater results. Tom Peck Blitz Inc CEO states that humans are the only living thing on the planet that has this control...the idea of self. We can control our thoughts - and ultimately our destiny.

Furthermore, Tom Peck believes that your attitude affect those around you more than you may think. If a person can be persuaded to do something just because a lot of other people are doing it, that same person can also be persuaded inadvertantly by others not doing something. People rub off on other people. At Blitz Inc, a lot of time goes into developing the staff to be solution oriented and to seek out resources to find answers to problems. This encourages and engages employees a lot more than getting involved in the old 'water cooler talk.'

About Tom Peck and Blitz Inc

Tom Peck | Blitz Inc CEO: Tom's leadership has been pivotal in the success of Blitz Inc. Being founded in 2011, the company has experienced ups and downs, but has the recipe for success dialed in. For leadership - it's attitude. Tom has experience in coaching at risk youth as a Youth Counselor, raising funds for at-risk youth in conjuction with the Entrepreneurial Preperatory Academy in Cleveland, OH, and has launched numerous sales and marketing campaigns across the country. Tom Peck Blitz Inc CEO takes pride in developing his employees into future managing partners of his ventures.

Tom Peck: Blitz Leadership

Tom Peck Blitz Inc Tips

Blitz Inc Reviews Losers

Posted by Blitz Inc on February 4, 2013 at 3:30 PM Comments comments (97)

Its important to understand why some people achieve and some people stay on the sidelines. Blitz Inc reviews the differences in mentality between the losers and the winners. If we know what other people are doing who constantly lose, we will know what NOT to do! Welcome to Blitz Inc Reviews Losers...

Blitz Inc Reviews the Losers

In any sport or game, there are always going to be the losers. Try as they might, they lose. I'm not referring to those people. I'm referring to people who don't even try. The people who constantly make excuses for their setbacks and don't have the discipline to get back up are the losers. Failing is different. I've failed several times throughout my professional career, but I don't consider myself a 'loser'...I'm far from it. So let's talk about the losers for a minute. After you're through reading this post, be sure to visit this review of Blitz Inc Bellevue. You'll be sorry if you don't.

Throughout the course of any week, management at Blitz Inc reviews the performance of our staff and none of them do we consider 'losers.' After all, they are still working here. However, I would consider someone a loser who has many of the following characteristics: complaining, blaming, and whining. Furthermore, people who don't give something an honest effort I also consider losers. I'm not putting myself above anyone else here, as I used to be a 'loser.'

In grade school in Iowa, we were having some sort of Olympic competition - mainly just seeing who was the fastest and could throw things the furthest. I wasn't really excited about running, but I wasn't disinterested or anything, just fairly indifferent I suppose. We all lined up to race each other at the starting line and everyone got down into a starting stance. One of the officials (a teacher) fired the starting gun and off we went. About three-fourths of the way through the race, I was in dead last. So, I didn't see the point in continuing the race. I stopped running and started walking over to the spectators area and was immediately yelled at and ridiculed. I didn't understand it! Why was this a bad thing?! I got back on the field and trotted over to the finish line...but I didn't understand why it was a big deal. Shortly after, one of the 'popular' kids came over and told me not to be a wussy and to finish the race no matter what. He told me that ultimately no one would care who won or lost, but everyone would remember who quit.

This lesson stuck with me for the rest of my life. I didn't want to be known as a quitter. I didn't want to be known as weak. I'm a man and I finish what I start. My how our peer group affects us!

I still see people today who try something out, never give themselves a fighting chance by actually trying HARD, and then quit. I also see people who never take risks. They just stay with what's convenient or in their comfort zone, not that this is particularly bad, but one can never hope to win without taking a few risks here and there. After all, if you want something different, you have to do something that you haven't done.

I've started many companies and ventures in the past. Most failed, some did not. In my failures, I learned a ton! I found out more about myself by pushing my limits and learning about another industry. I know now that if I would have always stayed with what I knew and didn't jump into arenas less-known, I wouldn't have had those successes nor would I have developed myself at all. I wouldn't have had the failures either, but to me, the failures make success much more sweet.

Blitz Inc Review | Summary of 'Losers'

My current project, Blitz Inc in Bellevue, Washington is a sales and marketing firm focused on direct sales and customer retention for Fortune 500 companies. It is, by far, the most successful of all of my ventures. We have expanded into two additional markets and are excited about further expansion plans. While driving profits, Blitz Inc reviews several philanthropic ventures throughout the course of the year and is heavily involved in charitable works. For more information on Blitz Inc and what the company is doing with charity work, please visit Blitz Inc Reviews : How to Raise Funds for a Cause.

- Tom Peck

Blitz Inc CEO